Days Like These

Mark Lockheart's Days Like These with NDR Bigband and Nic France
FUZ003 Release date 15th February 2010
Music composed, arranged and directed by Mark Lockheart (
Recorded in the NDR studios, Hamburg


Soprano sax: Mark Lockheart
Trumpets: Ingolf Burkhardt, Thomas,Vogel, Claus Stötter and Reiner Winterschladen
Saxophones: Fiete Felsch, Peter Bolte, Christof Lauer / Gabriel Coburger, Lutz Büchner and Frank Delle
Trombones: Joe Gallardo, Dan Gottshall, Stefan Lottermann and Ingo Lahme
Guitar: Stephan Diez/Ed Harris
Bass: Lucas Lindholm
Piano: Nils Gessinger
Drums: Nic France
Percussion: Marcio Doctor

Executive producers:
  Mark Lockheart and Issie Barratt
Andreas Pfaff
Engineer: Michael Ploetz 

Track list (with soloists):
  1. Rag - Solos: Ingolf Burkhardt / Lutz Büchner / Mark Lockheart
  2. Busby Berkeley parts 1 and 2 Solos: Part 1: Christof Lauer / Part 2: Mark Lockheart
  3. Days Like These - Solos: Lutz Büchner / Joe Gallardo / Fiete Felsch
  4. Strange Remark - Solo: Mark Lockheart
  5. In Two Parts - Solos: Stephan Diez / Dan Gottshall /Lutz Büchner
  6. Man With A Yellow Case - Solos: Lucas Lindholm / Nic France
  7. End Of A Chapter - Solos: Fiete Felsch / Christof Lauer / Nils Gessinger