Days Like These

Mark Lockheart's Days Like These with NDR Bigband and Nic France
FUZ003 Release date 15th February 2010
Music composed, arranged and directed by Mark Lockheart
Recorded in the NDR studios, Hamburg


Soprano sax: Mark Lockheart
Trumpets: Ingolf Burkhardt, Thomas,Vogel, Claus Stötter and Reiner Winterschladen
Saxophones: Fiete Felsch, Peter Bolte, Christof Lauer / Gabriel Coburger, Lutz Büchner and Frank Delle
Trombones: Joe Gallardo, Dan Gottshall, Stefan Lottermann and Ingo Lahme
Guitar: Stephan Diez/Ed Harris
Bass: Lucas Lindholm
Piano: Nils Gessinger
Drums: Nic France
Percussion: Marcio Doctor

Executive producers:
  Mark Lockheart and Issie Barratt
Andreas Pfaff
Engineer: Michael Ploetz 

Track list (with soloists):
  1. Rag - Solos: Ingolf Burkhardt / Lutz Büchner / Mark Lockheart
  2. Busby Berkeley parts 1 and 2 Solos: Part 1: Christof Lauer / Part 2: Mark Lockheart
  3. Days Like These - Solos: Lutz Büchner / Joe Gallardo / Fiete Felsch
  4. Strange Remark - Solo: Mark Lockheart
  5. In Two Parts - Solos: Stephan Diez / Dan Gottshall /Lutz Büchner
  6. Man With A Yellow Case - Solos: Lucas Lindholm / Nic France
  7. End Of A Chapter - Solos: Fiete Felsch / Christof Lauer / Nils Gessinger