Finally Beginning

Composed, arranged and directed by John Warren

Recorded 15th and 16th January, 2008 at Phoenix Sound, Pinewood Studios


Trumpet & Flugel: Gerard Presencer or Martin Shaw (tracks 2 & 8)
Trombone: Mark Nightingale
Saxes and clarinet: Christian Brewer, Stan Sulzmann, Julian Siegel
Vibes: Jim Hart
Piano: Gwilym Simcock
Bass: Phil Donkin
Drums: James Maddren

Track list (with soloists):
  1. Lopsided - Soloists: Sulzmann, Hart
  2. Winter Solstice - Soloists: Shaw, Brewer, Simcock
  3. Convergent - Soloists: Nightingale, Hart, Siegel, Presencer
  4. Ruby My Dear (T Monk) - Soloist: Brewer
  5. Unless - Soloists: Presencer, Simcock, Donkin
  6. Some Sketchy Spanish - Soloists: Brewer, Siegel
  7. Willow White - Soloists: Nightingale, Donkin
  8. Krank - Soloists: All