Fantasy Preludes

Carol Barratt’s Fantasy Preludes FUZ010
Performed by Danny Evans
Recorded at Abbey Road Wednesday 16th February 2011
Master by Gerry O’Riordan at The Soundhouse June 2016
Fantasy Preludes are published by Boosey & Hawkes © 1996
Artwork by Isaac Titus Glover; “Zodiac Signs” Painting by Elena Kotliarker.

  1. In Der Nacht 2’ 20”
  2. Waltz 1’ 25”
  3. Sotto Voce 1’ 35’
  4. Danse Profane 1’ 32”
  5. Chorale 2’ 24”
  6. Enigma 2’ 14”
  7. Amoroso 2’ 10”
  8. Capriccio 1’ 22”
  9. Fantasia 3’ 11”

“The combination of ideas in dreams is essentially fantastic; they are linked together in a sequence which is as a rule quite foreign to our ‘reality thinking’” C.G. Jung

These Fantasy Preludes are written as sounds and moods, inspired by events in the unreal world of dreams and fantasies. These musical dream sequences pass through wide-ranging emotions, sometimes unashamedly romantic (Amoroso), sometimes nightmarish (Danse Profane), sometimes trance like (Sotto Voce or In Der Nacht), sometimes religious (Chorale), sometimes quirky (Capriccio). They should be played quite freely - even with abandon. If I could dream musical sounds, the result would probably not be dissimilar to these nine preludes (Carol Barratt).