Astral Pleasures

Music composed and directed by Issie Barratt

Recorded 30th and 31st October 2007 at Angel Studios, London.


Flutes: Rowland Sutherland
Saxes and clarinets: Pete Whyman, Mark Lockheart, James Allsopp, Mick Foster and Rob Townsend
Trumpets + Flugels: Sid Gould, Steve Waterman, Anders Bergcrantz and Mark Armstrong
French Horn: Jim Rattigan
Trombone and Euphonium: Jeremy Price
Trombone: Mark Bassey and Pete North
Piano: Liam Noble
Guitar: Mike Outram
Electric and Acoustic Bass: Dudley Phillips
Drums: Simon Pearson
Vibes: Rob Millett
Harp: Fiona Clifton-Welker
Percussion: Chris Wells
Produced by Mike Gibbs

Track list:
  1. Eva Naim, Mega Supreme 13.19 Soloists: Liam Noble, Jeremy Price and Mike Outram
  2. Astral Pleasures 15.15 Guitar solo: Mike Outram Free improvisations: James Allsopp and Mike Outram Rowland Sutherland, Fiona Clifton-Welker, Chris Wells and Peter Whyman
  3. Hold Down The Moon 11.00 Soloists: Mark Lockheart and Steve Waterman
  4. Brayards Road 12.03 Free improvisation: Anders Bergcrantz, Mike Outram, Liam Noble, Dudley Phillips and Simon Pearson
  5. Dublin Soundscape 20.35 Soloists: Rowland Sutherland, Liam Noble and Mark Lockheart
  6. Tutti soprano noodles: Pete Whyman, Mark Lockheart, James Allsopp and Mick Foster
  7. Oodley Groove (the shorter) 8.31 Soloists: Anders Bergcrantz and James Allsopp